Disc Golf

Rabbit Flats Disc Golf CourseTest your skills and come out and throw some discs at the home of disc golf, the Rabbit Flats Disc Golf Course! This course is open to the public, and all levels of play are welcome.

NEW! Drop-In Program: First Saturday of each month at 10:00am

Rabbit Flats Disc Golf Course is located on nine acres at the west end of Thousand Oaks Community Park, behind the soccer fields and softball diamonds. There are nine baskets for beginners and 18 baskets for the more advanced players, located on nine tees which meander through some very challenging fairways. Designed by pro, semi-pro, and amateur players, the course was built primarily by volunteers, service clubs, Scout groups, and local disc golfers.

Established in 1968 |  Re-established in 2010

In 1968, George Sappenfield, Recreation Supervisor for Conejo Recreation & Park District, introduced a new game to many Conejo Valley residents by planning the very first official Disc Golf Tournament. He contacted WHAM-O Manufacturing, asking them for help with the event.  WHAM-O generously supplied Frisbees for throwing and Hula Hoops for use as targets.

Since then, Disc Golf has exploded as a sport, with its own professional organization of nearly 40,000 members, tournaments worldwide, and courses scattered around the world. For more information, visit 

Course Rules

  • All other park users have the right of way.
  • No smoking on the course.
  • Profane language will not be tolerated due to the proximity of the school.
  • No altering of trees or other obstacles on the course.
  • Respect the course, including grounds, baskets, signs, and neighbors.
  • Pick up after your pet and keep dogs on leashes at all times.
Disc golf is a game that expects high standards of etiquette and courtesy. Please be respectful of other players, visiting non-players, neighbors, and the flora and fauna on the course.

How to Play Disc Golf

  • Disc golf is played like ball golf, using flying discs.  One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown.
  • The winner is the golfer with the lowest total score.
  • All holes on this course are a par 3 (3 throws from tee to basket for an experienced player).
  • Fairway throws must be made with the foot closest to the hole on the spot where the last throw came to rest.
  • After teeing off, the player furthest away from the basket throws first.
  • The player with the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first.
  • Out of bounds are as follows includes 1) on or across park paths or 2) in neighbors' yards or on the school property.
  • In the case of out of bounds, throw from the last place in bounds, with a 1-stroke penalty.
  • If you see a disc disappear into the rough, give the thrower an idea of where to look for her/his disc.
  • Never throw until the players ahead of you are out of range, and until the fairway is completely clear of spectators and park guests.
Red Line: Holes 1-9 Novices
Blue Line: Holes 1-9 Experienced Golfers
Yellow Line: Holes 11-18 Experienced Golfers