Summer 2017 *Priority Registration begins online at 6:00am Friday, April 21.  Classes listed as "View Only" will become available for Priority Registration at that time.

There are four easy ways to register for classes and programs.  Seasonal registration and class dates are below.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Search and Register for Classes
Fax: 805-777-7391
Mail: Information Services Unit, 403 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
In-Person: Register at any Community Center with cash, check, or credit card. 


Download the Summer 2017 Program GuideRecreation Program Guides

Program Guides are published five times a year and provide information about ConejoRPD classes, unique programs, and special events. The digital version is posted approximately two weeks before Priority Registration begins.

*Priority Registration is for In-District residents who live in Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, and the Ventura County side of Westlake Village.

Spring 2017 Program Guide

Summer 2017 Program Guide

Spring 2017  
       Program Guides Mailed:  Starting March 1, 2017
       Priority Registration Begins:  Friday, March 10 at 6:00am
       General Registration Begins:  Friday, March 17 at 9:00am
       Classes & Programs Begin:  Monday, March 27
       Classes & Programs End:  Sunday, May 14 (7 weeks)


Summer 2017  
       Program Guides Mailed:  Starting April 12, 2017
       Priority Registration Begins:  Friday, April 21 at 6:00am
       General Registration Begins:  Friday, April 28 at 9:00am
       Classes & Programs Begin:  Monday, June 19
       Classes & Programs End:  Sunday, August 7 (7 weeks)


Cancellations, Transfers & Refunds

If you need any of these services, please contact the recreation unit/community center that is sponsoring the activity and one of our staff members will take care of this for you. Please visit our Facilities page, which lists the community centers/recreation units and their contact information. In the Program Guide, the sponsoring center/unit is listed at the top of the page on which the class is listed. Please note: Classes at White Oak Elementary School are handled by the Dos Vientos Center; classes at the Cameron Center are handled by the Thousand Oaks Center.

Activity Refund Policy

Transfers and Refunds cannot be done online. Refunds are returned to the customer in the same manner that the original registration was paid. For example, if you paid via credit card then the refund will be credited directly to your card; if you paid cash, your refund will be returned by mail within two (2) to four (4) weeks of request. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER TWO WEEKS OF THE PROGRAM START DATE.  This policy applies to all District-sponsored activities and special instruction classes.


A full refund will be granted if the District is notified at least two business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the start of the program activity.  If you cancel within two business days of the class starting, you will be charged for the first class.

A refund will be granted on a pro-rata basis if the District is notified prior to the date of the second meeting of the activity. 

  2. Refunds for medical reasons will be granted on a pro-rata basis subject to written certification of such reasons by a physician.
  3. Sports Leagues and Tournament Teams – Refund (less cancellation fee) will be granted prior to the final confirmation of team schedule.  No refund after the final schedule is posted.
  4. Aquatics or Teen Center Excursions – A $5 cancellation fee per person, per activity will be assessed for each class/program or excursion. The Aquatics Refund Policy has additional refund considerations.
  5. Day Camps – Refunds (less non-refundable registration fee) will be granted if two weeks’ notice is given prior to each weekly session.  If less than two weeks, no refund is granted.
  6. Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten: A refund (less non-refundable registration fee) will be granted if District is notified at least two business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the start of program date. A refund will be granted on a prorated basis (less non-refundable registration fee) if the District is notified within two weeks after the program has started. No refunds will be granted after two weeks of the program start date.


  • A full refund will be made in the event an activity is cancelled by the District prior to the starting date.
  • A partial refund will be made on a pro-rata basis if the activity is cancelled prior to the conclusion of the program.


We strive to provide you with the highest quality recreation activities, events, and programs.  We are confident that you will enjoy these programs and back up our commitment to provide quality services. Your suggestions, comments, or ideas for improvement are appreciated.


Program Guide Archive

Summer 2017 Program Guide (PDF 12.34 MB)

Spring 2017 Program Guide (PDF 9.73 MB)

Winter 2017 Program Guide (PDF 9.84 MB)

Fall/Winter 2016/7 Program Guide (PDF 9.45 MB)

Fall 2016 Program Guide (PDF 9.2 MB

PLEASE NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print the above PDF files. To download for free, please visit These files are large and may take awhile to download.

 Starting March 1, 2017
 Starting March 1, 2017
 Friday, March 17 at 9:00am
 Friday, March 17 at 9:00am