Labyrinth & Fitness Equipment

Borchard Labyrinth and Exercise EquipmentThe Labyrinth

The Borchard Park Labyrinth is located in the back of the park. For thousands of years, the labyrinth has been used as a tool for meditation and balancing the body’s connection with the mind. A labyrinth is not a maze, it is a winding path that leads to a central space and out again by the same path. Our labyrinth is modeled after the French Chartres labyrinth: this has a universal design, meaning that there is only one entrance with one path to the center.

Today you can walk through our 60-foot diameter labyrinth moving back and forth, going through a series of turns and curves moving toward its center. In modern times, the labyrinth has found contemporary use as an aid to mental, physical, and spiritual health. Walking through these winding paths has been thought to reduce the left-brain concepts of logic, analysis, and fact-based cognition in order to foster one’s creativity, intuition, and imagination. We invite you to cultivate your wellness by entering the labyrinth and following the twists and turns to the center. As you make your return walk out of the labyrinth by following those same twists and turns, upon exiting, you will have completed a half mile walk. During your walk, some of the benefits you might experience could include reflection, contemplation, meditation, relaxation, clearing of your mind, peaceful sensation, personal discovery & growth, stress reduction, and problem-solving.

Borchard Park Exercise EquipmentEquipment Areas

Free outdoor equipment areas are available in some of our parks, each equipped with durable exercise equipment appropriate for teens and adults of all fitness levels.

Borchard Park Exercise Equipment: Designed for beginners, the 2-person Pull-Down works to strengthen your back, shoulders, and biceps; it's excellent training for pull-ups and chin-ups. The 4-person Leg Press develops your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes. The 4-person Waist Twist increases flexibility in your lower back as well as strengthens your abdominal muscles.