Swim Classes

Swim Instruction at the Community Pool at CLU

We are pleased to offer swim classes year round! The pool is always heated to 82º-84º. 

To make sure your child is placed at the proper level, classes are divided into groups (Seals, Dolphins, Otters, etc.) based on their ability (scroll down for detailed descriptions).

Swim ability testing and class placement evaluation available upon request. Please call the Aquatics office to reserve a time.  The evaluation takes approximately five minutes.


Interested in a class that has already started? Call the office to see if you can register for a prorated rate. Please Note: Completion of class does not guarantee advancement to the next level.

Reminder for parents!
  • For children under 5 years of age who are just learning to swim for the first time, a minimum of two sessions of repeated lessons is recommended.
  • Younger children under 8 years of age may need additional practice before mastering each level of swimming.  They may need more than one, or several, two-week sessions before moving to the next level.
  • We do not offer make-up lessons unless cancelled by Conejo Recreation & Park District.  
  • Please alert the instructor before the first class if there are any special needs of other situations that may assist us to enhance your child's learning experience.
  • Classes are taught by American Red Cross certified and trained instructors.


Age 6 mos.-3yrs.   Work with child through song and play, making parent and child comfortable in and possibly under water. Swim on front and back, changing positions and submerge in an up-and-down pattern.


Age 2.5-3.5   Recommend at least one session of Parent/Child. Introduction to water without a parent. Blowing bubbles, breath-holding, kicking, floating, arms strokes, and underwater exploration. Emphasizes water adjustment, safety, and fun.


Age 3.5-5   Moving into deeper water. Arm and leg movements, gliding, floating and going under water. Introduction to swimming without assistance.


Age 4-7   Specifically for those with limited experience. Introduction to freestyle, submerge face, kicking, floating, and gliding on front/back.


Age 4-8   Need to be able to come off the poolside and swim five yards. Freestyle includes arm and leg movements, and rhythmic breathing; introduces elementary backstroke.


Age 5-10   Must be able to swim 15 yards. Emphasis on strength, endurance, and coordination of freestyle. Introduces back & breaststroke, treading water, and diving. *Diving not always available at CLU pool.


Age 5-12   Must be able to swim 25 yards. Introduction to butterfly kick and surface dives. Coordination of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and treading water.


Age 6-12    Must be able to swim 50 yards. Swim greater distances and develop strokes, treading, and diving*. Introduces butterfly, flip turns and circle swimming. *Diving not always available at CLU pool.

Age 6-12  
Must be able to swim 50 yards of each stroke. Review and improvement of all skills. Introduces pace clock, treading water for five minutes, and 10-minute endurance swim.


Age 16+    Standard Red Cross beginning swimming for adults who want to learn to swim and/or overcome their fear of water.


All Ages    One-on-one instruction designed to meet individual’s needs.


Age 16+    Individuals qualified to teach CRPD/ARC swim courses (training provided), diving, water aerobics, and other specialized areas. Please visit the Aquatics Employment page for additional information.

Still unsure about swim level? Call the Aquatics Office at 805-241-0894 to speak with a manager.