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Quimby Fees

This fee is also referred to as the Park Dedication Fee, and it is included in the City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code. The general purpose is to provide for parks, recreational facilities, and open space areas for the health, safety, and general welfare of future residents and owners of property, and to encourage the orderly development of the City. Under this title, the code requires dedication of land, payment of fees, or both for park and recreational purposes as a condition of a residential development permit.  A copy of the municipal code is available through the City of Thousand Oaks' website at

Philosophy of the Code

The basic philosophy of the ordinance is to ensure that each residential unit contributes a fair share of land or money to provide recreation areas and facilities to serve residents generated by the development.

The Conejo Recreational & Park District is the agency responsible for acquisition, development, and maintenance of recreation and park areas in the Thousand Oaks-Conejo Valley area and, therefore, the collector and responsible agency for Quimby fees or land. Quimby fees collected are set into basic planning zones and areas, and must be expended to serve the residential area in which they are collected.  A check against the District Master Plan, available at the District's administrative office, can better define particular zones and areas.

By code, Quimby fees must be expended for acquisition, rehabilitation, and/or development of parklands.  The actual maintenance and operation of the parks is done through the property tax. The fees are based on the type of units and population density, fair market value of the undeveloped land, and recreation and park district standards.  Depending on the type of the project, the City code provides a formula for fee calculation.  (For further information regarding the Quimby fee formula, see City of Thousand Oaks Municipal Code Section 9-3 1601-1612). 


Complete the Applicant's Tract Information Sheet as follows:

Project Identification: Depending on project size, provide a case number, lot number, or street address.

Gross Acreage: The overall acreage of the proposed tract or subdivision.  In small divisions or single lots, the acreage of the total project or single lot.

Area in Open Space: Usually for larger projects that intend to leave a quantity of open undevelopable land for either an association or public maintenance and use.  Do not include open lands that are a part of residential lots.

Private Recreation Areas: Usually for larger projects that intend to provide a set of private recreation areas as amenities for their tract residents.  Park credit might be available if the code requirements are met.

Number of Dwelling Units: Based on the proposed final number of units approved.  Circle the correct category of single family, townhouse, apartment, and mobile home.

Planning Department Advisement: Zoning; Tract Number

Public Works Advisement: Area in Streets; Excess Street Area; Excess Street Improvement Costs; Amount of Public Works:

In order to calculate specific Quimby fees, the following must be submitted:

Large Projects or Subdivisions (greater than four units)

  1. Completed tract information sheet.
  2. Certified appraisal* of the undeveloped land.
  3. Latest tentative or proposed final tract map.
  4. City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department - Off-site and on-site improvement fee calculations.

Small Projects (4-units and less)

  1. Completed tract information sheet.
  2. A certified appraisal*, copy of a recent escrow purchase price, letter of appraisal with comparable prices, or other agreed-upon method to establish value.
  3. Tentative or a proposed final plot plan of the project.
  4. For single lots with a proposed single unit, please submit a copy of the assessor's map showing the lot location identified with the assessor's number.
  5. City of Thousand Oaks Public Works Department - Off-site improvement fee calculations pages 1-3.

* SPECIAL NOTE:  The Conejo Recreation & Park District requires that all certified appraisals be prepared by a member of the Appraiser's Institute.

Submit all information to:

Conejo Recreation & Park District
Bill Palermo, Parks Analyst
(805) 495-6471  Ext. 1115
403 W Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360